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Friday, July 1, 2011

Easy Favicon from Blogger Draft Dashboard

Go to "http://.draft.blogger.com" or "draft.blogger.com" alone to access the favicon upload button such as what you see in the image below. There are other ways but blogger offers the easiest ways of them all once they provide the service. I have my favicon already but would like to update it as quicker and as easier as possible and would like to share the experience with you. Easy adding of .icon file is available directly through blogger in draft upload now! No need to go to the html codes to do it! Finally it's here!

Would you like to have your personal logo be in the url of your blog? I was really taken aback when I discovered that creating a favicon via blogger is now as easy as uploading an image and saving it!. Make sure your favicon is not bigger than 10 kilobytes though. And I tried editing my own favicon but it's not working! Did yours work? I tried all relevant file extension such as .ico (dot ico), .jpeg (dot jpeg) and .png (dot png) but not functioning at they should be! How did you make yours? I will repost once I discover. -> Yes I did! The tips and procedures are below:

I successfuly did it and following are the procedures and the results:
1. Go to "www.draft.blogger.com"
2. Generate the favicon for the image you like at any favicon generating site or do it alone. I did mine at http://www.iconj.com
3. Download and/or rename you favicon file
4. Upload it to blogger through the favicon button upload
5. Once successfully uploaded, the blogger favicon (the orange B) should be replaced by your own and new favicon;
6. According to Ratty in the comment below, it takes a day or two so have patience and wait for your favicon to be updated (yes, my existing favicon did not change right away, but it's okay, it's already a customized one so i don't bother, i just wait and see once updated....patience is a virtue!)
7. ENjoy your customized/personalized favicon!

1. Configuration of the favicon: no errors should be there and the favicon image should be updated (see the change fromorange B to black W?).. My apologies since my lappy is Italian.... 

2. It should have the replaced favicon image everytime you go to your dashboard for that blog... no more orange B's!


  1. I used ico files for mine, and they work good. They don't seem to work when you add them to your blog, but it takes a day or two for them to appear. They will work fine when you wait two days for them to appear. I had to remove the favicon that I already had in my template.

  2. Hi Ratty! That is a very good reply! Very interesting! I mean, I have already my favicon but for those who would like to have them, this post should be helpful. I will retry a new favicon and then will see tomorrow or a day later to see. Then I can be sure.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. I tried it with a pciture of me and Kristel. Lets see if it works. Good tip.


  4. Hello! What a very interesting blog!

  5. I got lucky and didn't have any problem loading my favicon but I am not happy with it due to the tiny size. I need to find another one. I like your "W". Maybe a nice "J" would work for me.
    Thanks for posting this and I also appreciate Ratty's informative reply.

  6. @ Filip, mine I added it about 24 hours ago but not up yet... maybe tomorrow.

    @Amin, Thanks for passingby.

    @Jean, yes, it's difficult to have emphasis on such a size but we will reach the refinement sooner I think.:=)

  7. Th Blogger Draft provide good alternatives for us

  8. thanks for the hepful and interesting info, will try the draft.blogger now:-)))

  9. btw, if one types "www.draft.blogger.com" nothing gets open(error message pops up )...the correct one is "draft.blogger.com":-))

  10. @Jana,

    Thanks, I updated the post above...


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