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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Generation: When Internet Allows and Gives Us the Power of Saving Lives and Helping Others During Deathly Situations

Yes, technology at its best! I just read an inspiring story of how Internet helped those victims in Mumbai deadly blasts. Some people can be admired by/with their courage and ingenuity, just like Mr. Nitin Sagar of New Delhi. He's NOT even physically in Mumbai. What Mr. Nitin Sagar did was to use Twitter in asking for voluntary help for those poor victims of the blasts, whether direct victims or those indirect victims who thought their loved ones and families and friends might have been victims. He used Twitter and of course, it became viral and his Google docs spreadsheet for those who volunteered for help, and this reached hundreds after around 30 minutes! Can you imagine? Internet, with the help of Twitter, Google and Mr. Nitin Sagar himself, helped in finding individuals who vluntarily "donate blood, provide shelter, help transport people or help in any way they could" according to CNN.

An image from theInternet on Mumbai Explosion

This is only a single story... and for sure, there are thousands more...and the power is within our reach this time, it just needs kindling a little bit from our side...our initiative and the urge.

An article in Forbes indicated Mr. Sagar as an "accidental hero" but who cares? He did hispart in helping.
Mr. Nitin Sagar???
Interested for the entire story? Visit CNN's article on this.


  1. impressive and interesting indeed, the power of internet!

  2. It is indeed impressive. Sometimes the internet can really be of great value!

  3. Hi there..I enjoyed your post of sad circumstances! I'm not so savvy with the internet, but agree and am so impressed when I see this -love like a bucket of water dumped over the head of the witch!
    Wishing you a wonderful week-

  4. @Jana, indeed!

    yes, internet if used wisely can really be very advantageous.

  5. yes, the technology has indeed bring us closer and see things in the very truth in real time.. i think it's a good job Mr Sagar did to help save the victims through the use of technology :)

  6. Hi Kilauea Poetry and Amin,

    Thanks a lot for passing by and sharing your thoughts... I will be at your respective sites shortly...:=)

  7. Internet can good loads of good when done correctly and can do bad too!

  8. @Lina,
    That's so true! I heard some stories ofplotting murders via social networks! That's horrible!


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