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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Plan to Attack, Eliminate or Hack Facebook by the Hacker Group Called Anonymous

anonymous hacker group logo, anonymous logoWill it happen? Will the group "Anonymous" successfully destroy facebook? Will this hacker group succeed? What's your opinion on this threat to facebook? Do you have an account in facebook too? As the video says,"Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed..." "Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook regardless of your privacy settings, and deleting your account is impossible," the speaker says. "Even if you delete your account, all your information stays on Facebook and can be recovered at any time." Indeed that's unfair but I know that many love facebook.. Which side are you? Facebook or "Anonymous"?

And me? Which side am I? I think both sides have reason. If people are responsible enough, they would not share unnecessary and/or confidential information in social networks, say, facebook, The burden of the responsibility lies in the members themselves. However, we must admit that some rules or disclaimers or announcements are too small or too vague to be noticed. Indeed it's unfair to have your info or image b used without you having even a slight knowledge it's happening! So if facebook will be gone, for sure there will be Google + soon!... Or something similar. That's how life goes, you cannot please everybody, same goes to facebook.
Anonymous (used as a mass noun) is a group initiating active civil disobedience and spread through the Internet while staying hidden, originating in 2003 on the imageboard 4chan, representing the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain. It is also generally considered to be a blanket term for members of certain Internet subcultures, a way to refer to the actions of people in an environment where their actual identities are not known. ... that's according to wikipedia.


  1. Hello! I did not know...Thank You very much for this information...It is very difficult for me to say in which side I am...Interesting...

  2. pretty good explanation of the new social mania online;-))) I am impressed by the new group...thats for this gossip/news;-))) all the best to Romeo+his teeth, I just got last wisdom tooth pulled out today...it hurts!

  3. @Amin,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, indeed, it's not simple to decide which side one can be.

  4. @Jana,

    Indeed, if they could attack a government then maybe they'll succeed in their Nov 5 objective.

    So far so good... hope it will be okay when it ends next week...

  5. @Filip,

    Yes, but also very sensational, esp among the net users these days...

  6. Dang...this is new info for me. I am a member of facebook but never post anything private or personal.

    1+1 + 0+5 + 2+0+1+1 = 11 and 1+1 = 2
    11 is a power number and 2 can mean "hidden" according to my way of doing Numerology. This is a very interesting group. Guess we will see what happens.

  7. First of all, I don't like Facebook. It's just not my kind of thing. But Anonymous is completely wrong. What they are threatening is an attack. this is a form of violence, and violence is always wrong unless it is in defense. If they don't like something, all they have to do is stay away from it. It is not up to them to protect, judge, or attack anyone else if they don't want it.

  8. I rarely visit Facebook nowadays,
    I update my FB page via my blogpost, twitter and/or youtube.
    But I still like it because I can connect with old and new friends, get information etc.
    So I hope that FB will survive the hackers attacks.

    By the way I am glad to see you up date your blog in the mid of your vacation.
    Have a great time.

  9. @ Jean,

    Wow! Your numerology is very impressive! The fifth of November is also Guy Fawkes day....

    The planned date is still far...Maybe they can still change their mind or come to an agreement...

    Yes, I try to update when I can.... or if I am waiting for something, I weite my post and then publish them later or use the Scheduled Post service of Blogger... pretty cool, huh?!

  10. @Ratty, that's a pretty reasonable argument... you're so righteous and indeed, you can't correct a mistake with another wrongdoing...

  11. I kind of agree with Ratty..but I would of said both, but was able to delete my account afer just a short time (couple years ago I think). I have family on and have heard this kind of thing off and on which is really disturbing! So it turned me off.
    I look at the changes taking place here in the U.S. - esculating each day and think of privacy..we really aren't. Google is another one I've heard things too.
    Thanks, I liked your post today- (I'm behind replying on my own blog comments) ~smile~

  12. even if they will hacked fb, there will always be another social networking website that will be created that would be similar with fb.. so true everything will rely on the users itself. if they won't be able to keep their privacy through themselves the whole world will know about it...

  13. @ Kilauea Poetry,
    Yes, back in the Philippines, i was not that into privcy...only here in Europe I learned about it, where sometimes people can't even be compelled to have finger prints or have their identity card checked...

    Absolutely true Novs.... but the problem with fb is that even if you realize your mistake later on, as stated above, your deleted info is still there in their server save somewhere maybe...

  14. Hi, did you mean in Europe people resist..don't like their privacy invaded? So in the Philippines you didn't have to worry about it as much? The same with me when I was growing up (in California)..but I don't think it was much of a problem back then. I looked at this again tonight and it seems so strange..

  15. Interesting. I do have a Facebook page but rarely visit.

  16. Hello! Have a wonderful week!

  17. I am not buying the threat. I've been researching for the fact that Facebook are giving private information to the government. And the Anonymous' twitter and blog didn't posted that video. Could be fake.


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