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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Google Adsense Site Disabled BUT They Are So Reasonable When Doing This to Publishers' Accounts... Good Job!

Lately, I got two sites where Google Adsense banned from displaying their ads. For me, it was an eye-opener but no hurt feelings! Why? My account is still active, andonly the involved sites were banned. Forme? Fair enough! Indeed this would be thebest policy I think, fair to both Google Adsense and o its publishers at the same time. I know Adsense is very strict with their rules but sometimes, publishers are not really in fault when one oftheir accounts are endangered by someone else. Thus, disabling ad publishing for a site would not really hurt. It is highly disappointing when one discovers her/his adsense account being disabled. Yes, having a site get disabled from publishing Adsense ads is also disappointing but still, it leaves a lot of hope if the account is still intact.

Why my sites were diabled? In the email sent to me, I was informed I published videos that were copyrighted. Well, so be it, at least those were my monor sites and not that heavy in terms of damage. I am really crossing my fingers as I ablut to get my third Google Adsense payout, after my Google Adsense earnings here

Take care of your Adsense Account, it is not simple to be accepted in the system anymore as it used to be.


  1. Too complicated for me Rojen. I am staying away from adsense

  2. Interesting..I'd wondered about it myself. Well hope you are doing good. My laptop (not sure if I'd mentioned) has been slow..very slow! Anyhow, picked up a battery but still troubleshooting. I've been doing cell shots and fishing in my archives as I need a new camera. Are you back..I will stop by your other bloggy soon- wishing you a great week...

  3. @Filip,

    It's just another little blogging flick that excites me and attracts my interests.

    @Kilauea Poetry,
    Yup yup am back but still warming up in blogging. :=) WIll be with your site shortly. I missed my blogging buddies!

  4. i tried adsense but didn't make sense for me.. so i never pursued it...

  5. I am glad that you are back on the blogosphere.

    Google also banned my blog from its Adsense saying that I have clicked the ad, which is strange.

  6. This is the reason I have stayed away from adsense. I always read how strict their rules are. I think I'd rather go with something that is a little more happy to have my sites.

  7. Wow guys! Almost everyone here is not with Adsense, either by banning or by finding their program not good enough. I bet it's a real challenge!

  8. Hello! I didn'ot know...Thank You very much for this information!

  9. I haven't had a problem with Adsense on my blog. I love the ads they post.
    Thanks for the heads-up on the copyright issues.

    BTW....Mourning Doves are named for their "mournful" sounding call.:)


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