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Friday, October 14, 2011

Organic Visits Thanks Google and Other Search Engines

Despite long absences and not-so-often-blog updates, I am glad of this blog's traffic ranking. From time to time, there are some five posts that maintain this blog's traffic strength that I am very glad about. Whether I promote the traffic or not, there are always people visiting here, fresh people, who happen to search the post from Google or any other search engines! For this I am thankful to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines for that!.

I may not have so many posts monthly, or I may not promote this blog and it's traffic, I am so glad Google search engine and others have indexed this blog to appear in searches, and indeed, the click rate is more than what I can be thankful for.

This is my stat bar from Alexa, from the right, I can really see what people search and they arrive in my blog!
I also found out that my blog's older views are all cached and I can go back on certain dates and see how my blog looked like! Just like the image below, this was like 3 years ago! Time flies!


  1. Congrats..the stats is pretty neat.
    Wishing you a great weekend~

  2. Congrats!
    You deserve the attentions from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

  3. You should indeed be very glad, I am working hard on my blog and I am dropping to 920.000.


  4. @Kilauea Poetry,
    I know it's not impreessive but I am content.

    I wish.

    @H. Nizam,
    Not all the time.

    That's true!

  5. WebbieLady,Congratulations! I am learning much from your posts. My numbers aren't as good as yours but I am working on it.:)

  6. @Jean,
    You have more visitors than me and your blog is so lovely and unique!


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