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Monday, October 17, 2011

Schwarzenegger Portman Hogan "Japanese Ad" Cool!

With Internet these days, what else can one celebrity hide? I think Internet is more a disaster to the celeb community than being a good stuff. Now all the things they do in public, a common person can just publish these acts automatically in Youtube. Their commercial/advertising campaigns where they thought would never be shown in their homeland are accessible also in Youtube. On the contrary,most of them actually real good publicity through theInternet if they are smart enough to take that path. It's just a matter of choice: are they using technology at their advantage or are they making it an enemy? Smarter omes got the better choice! Below are some of the TV commercials/advertisements by hollywood celebs done in Japan. I can say that Japanese arealways unique. See these! 

And here is the rest of it.


  1. In spite of the bad things that the internet could possibly bring to celebs like you mentioned, the internet can also give them much more goodness i.e. they can publicize themselves much easier (and freely) for example through FB, Twitter, etc.

  2. It is amazing how commercially oriented Conan The Barbarian is.


  3. It is not a new thing, especially in my own country, namely Indonesia country. currently a lot of new artists who were born because of the social networking media

  4. @H. Nizam,
    You are so correct.

    He was just popular I think...he's older now and a politician!

    I agree, that's so true!

  5. what you would like to be like that? :D

  6. Hey there..(lol) Hulk Hogan one was good! Amazing what fun you can pull up on youtube. ya, having your life plastered in front of the world makes me cringe! They must be their own worst enemy?

  7. It's quite a comfort for these celebs that acting like a moron in front of millions of people, is being paid well. For some of them it's their job. If I were Schwarzenegger - God forbid- I wouldn't mind to be exploited as an infantile fool in some commercial, each time I got a few hundred thousands dollars in return.

  8. you are so right...internet allows us to see all the weird/stupid/funny things they do for money....I suppose Japanese pay good for thosesmall jobs:-) like in LOst in Translation movie, right?!

  9. definitely internet has its good and bad, am sure the celebs benefited on some plus points of internet, but then, again, like what you said, they can be subject to wrong exposure as well, and internet can blow up small things.

  10. the internet makes ordinary people so famous, for celebrities need to be careful with the camera or speech, because it can be upload to the internet by others.

  11. The smart celebrities will learn how to use the internet to their advantage. Hulk Hogan uses it as much as he can.


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