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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs's Death: Do You Think the World Lost a Genius?

With the death of Steve Jobs, do you think the world lost a genius? I cannot say as theonly Apple I ever own was the iPod Shuffle that was in 2003 if I remember good. After that, nothing. I know there are so many Apple loyalist as they say it's of highest quality and very fast. We discussed in my Italian course last week and all are in favor of Apple products but everyone also admits its non-so-affordability!

What do you think about Apple products? It's expensive but it's cool?


  1. Steve Jobs was a genius because he has created some good alternatives to the present things that are used today like the Apple Operating system, Tablet (IPad), IPod etc.

  2. Hi there. I don't think your recent post showed up on my column..just noticed this today. Anyhow, thank you for this clip. Clearly the guy began to face an intrusion of another reality. I'd been reading here and there and saved a quote I liked. Evidently he had a liver transplant in 2009 too, but did live longer than most with pancreatic cancer! I agree about the apple..heard good stuff but we don't own one. I liked his attitude about death for the most part. I think its hard for most people to comprehed unless they're faced with some crisis..just because all the emphasis being on the here and now and not eternity. The other thing is, if you have much given in the natural realm..it's easy to ride on it. Thanks and for letting me share my 2 cents:)

  3. hey Roj...there is/was already the product for the mass, Windows+PC...Jobs creation was the one a class higher, more creative, a bit more design, a bit more different...and as we all know market has different demands, so he found his niche, fo which he was the one...the nr 1!RIP...

  4. btw...same comment as your previous commenter: your blog just showed today on my blogger-friends-list...xxx

  5. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and for letting me know about my feed. There's nothing to worry about. Thanks for letting me know. :=)


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