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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Personalized Scam Online: Swindling the Account Holders' Friends and Acquaintances

I opened an email and I was surpised! Someone I know was asking for help. I also got a warning from gmail that there is a probability that someone might have cracked the email of this person. She is a fellow Filipina blogger and probably, if the content is not suspicious, there would be many willing to lend a hand! Look at the message below, if your friend or someone you know sends you that kindof message, you'll more likely fall for it, right? After posting this, I will have to reach this lady or her husband via their blogs and warn them of this.

The red part highlighted  (though in Italian since my lappy has this default language) is a warning and that's for me to NOT trust the message right away. I assume countless similar messages were sent out from  Rose's account.

Naturally, I will not reply to the email. The hacker might still have the control of her account if this is indeed the case. This is getting rampant, I am afraid someone is doing the same to my account! :=(

Now it's confirmed, Rose is okay and in fact aware of this case. She also posted this in her blog and warned everyone. Here is link to her post about this hacking of her email address.
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